How Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting Services

Compliance means meeting or exceeding the standards set for legal,How Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting Services Help Maintain Compliance Articles ethical, and professional operation of healthcare organizations. Any organization handling electronic protected health information (ePHI) is required to maintain compliance by implementing appropriate processes, policies, and procedures.

Consulting Services Help Maintain Compliance in 7 Targeted Areas

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) have identified seven areas where healthcare organizations should focus for compliance. By focusing on these areas today, organizations can avoid healthcare issues in the future. An effective healthcare compliance program must, at the very least, address the following seven areas:• Development, distribution, and implementation of written standards of conduct and written policies and procedures that explain the organization’s commitment to meeting and exceeding legal and ethical standards of compliance•

Designation of a chief compliance officer Phoenix tech consulting and other appropriate committees and individuals dedicated to maintaining compliance at every level• Development and delivery of effective employee education programs• Development and maintenance of effective lines of communication for reporting of compliance concerns • Development and implementation of an effective response system or discipline system when compliance issues are identified with specific employees • Development of internal auditing and monitoring system to observe and maintain compliance• Creation of appropriate response system to quickly fix detected compliance issuesConsulting companies – including HMI Corp. – can help organizations develop or improve all seven of these areas.

How Healthcare Organization Compliance Assessments Work

A consulting company can perform a compliance assessment on your organization. An assessment determines where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Then, experts work to correct those weaknesses and improve those strengths.During an assessment, experts will answer all of the following questions:• How does the healthcare organization collect, receive, store, and transfer data?• What does the current security system cover?• What does the current security system not cover?